New Hiking Section

Aug 7, 2002

Since I enjoy hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and I try to get up there as much as I can, I’ve added a new hiking link to the main menu where I’ll put all my trip reports. The trip reports will mainly focus on the White Mountains but will also include hikes from further away too.

The Great Pacific Northwest

Aug 1, 2002

View of Mt Hood, the high point in Oregon

Back in March of this year, I went on a trip to Oregon and roamed around some other places on the West Coast. I put up some pictures that can be seen here and here. My love for the Pacific Northwest grows each time I am there. If I didn’t live in the Northeast, then I’d have to live in the Northwest. While out there I stayed in the awesome city of Portland, OR. From Portland you can see Mt. Hood which looks incredible on clear days, as the 11,239′ volcano is only about 60 miles from the city. Being from the East coast, I think I am more easily impressed by the grand landscapes of the west. One of the highlights of the trip was snowboarding Mt. Hood, which was a zen-like experience. I also made trips to the Redwood National Forest in CA, the Oregon Coast and Seattle.

There are many other great parts of the Pacific Northwest that I’ll hopefully explore in the future. Here is short paragraph that I came across on another site (which I can’t find anymore) that kind of captures the essence of some of it:

What if this life is all there is, and when it’s your time to scribble in the Pearly Gates ledger, you have to write you never experienced Mount Rainier’s gentle radiance during sunset, drove through the North Cascade Highway in autumn, witnessed a storm hit the Oregon Coast, listened to budding talent sing next to the original Starbucks or drank a microbrew in the spring sun before a reggae band at Sun Valley Lodge? Consider it.

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