PHP Conversion

Oct 14, 2002

I’ve done a long overdue conversion to some basic PHP on this site. It was actually pretty simple. If anyone comes across any problems with any pages, drop me a line. I’ve checked all links and tried to find every dark corner of the site, but there’s always something you miss.

Meeting America’s Mayor

Oct 8, 2002

I went down to Boston today for the book signing of Rudy Giuliani’s new book, “Leadership“. Even though it was just a simple book signing, it was still a big thrill. I lived in New York for Giuliani’s first term as mayor and he is sort of a political hero to me. Giuliani is a rare breed of politician nowadays, whose views are never based on political correctness and he doesn’t cave in to party pressure-he just boldly does what he feels is right. It was great to shake his hand, get my book signed and talk to him for about 30 seconds. Despite the fact that the store was totally mobbed and the line was about a mile long, Giuliani was very friendly and everyone walked away with a smile on their face. I was surprised at the huge turnout because Boston is such a liberal town, but I think someone like Giuliani transcends political divisions. The main thing I said to him was that myself and a lot of other people hope he will consider running for President someday. RUDY IN 2008! (Or Veep in 2004)