Le Louvre

Nov 22, 2002

Louvre pictures

Ok here comes the first batch of pictures from my trip to England and Paris. I am putting up some from the Louvre first because everything in Paris was so damn cool that I wanted to get some pics up from there first. I only had about 3 hours to explore the Louvre, when you really need days, but I can’t complain. Just walking through halls of the old palace by itself was incredible. The building that houses the Louvre was originally a palace for kings of France.

Because I had so little time I was kind of in a frenzy to get to everything, not necessarily the way you want to take in a museum of that magnitude. At times it was hard to decide which direction to go in. I made sure to see the 3 of the most famous works though; the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Winged Victory.

I didn’t think I would take pictures at first inside the Louvre because I thought there would be something wrong with it. After seeing many other people doing it and also realizing I might never be back, I decided to let the camera go to work.

View Pictures of the Louvre

Back in the USA

Nov 21, 2002

I am back safe and sound from my trip to England and Paris. While the trip was stupendously awesome, it was great sight to see the American Flag when I arrived back in Boston. I took massive amounts of pictures on the trip but I don’t have time to put them up yet. Stay tuned.

UK Slangs

Nov 1, 2002

In preparation for my upcoming trip to London and Paris, I’ve been trying to use the web to educate myself on some of the differences between American English and English English. One of the best sites I came across is A Dictionary of Slang. Here are some of the ones I found to be funny and that I may be using:

WALLY: An idiot. Someone who is so dumb, he doesn’t even know he is dumb
SCRUBBER: Young lady of dubious integrity. A tart. – (We’ll be on the lookout for these)
DODGY: Risky, suspicious, dubious.
WANKER: A masturbator or a contemptible person.
YOB or YOBBO: A lout or hooligan. Derived from the backslang of boy.
DOZY: Dimwitted, stupid, slow
BUGGER: An objectionable person
HOOLIVAN: A police van with protective grills for use in riots against hooligans and troublesome crowds. –(Hopefully we don’t wind up in one of these)