UK Slangs

In preparation for my upcoming trip to London and Paris, I’ve been trying to use the web to educate myself on some of the differences between American English and English English. One of the best sites I came across is A Dictionary of Slang. Here are some of the ones I found to be funny and that I may be using:

WALLY: An idiot. Someone who is so dumb, he doesn’t even know he is dumb
SCRUBBER: Young lady of dubious integrity. A tart. – (We’ll be on the lookout for these)
DODGY: Risky, suspicious, dubious.
WANKER: A masturbator or a contemptible person.
YOB or YOBBO: A lout or hooligan. Derived from the backslang of boy.
DOZY: Dimwitted, stupid, slow
BUGGER: An objectionable person
HOOLIVAN: A police van with protective grills for use in riots against hooligans and troublesome crowds. –(Hopefully we don’t wind up in one of these)

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