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I finally put some more trip pictures up, this time from London. London was the base of operations on the trip. I spent about half of the trip’s 10 days there, which wasn’t really enough. London is a huge city with an awesome mix of things old and new. I did get to check out a lot of the must see things in London and also sampled popular English dishes. Since I’ve been back I’ve been craving that proper English breakfast I was having most mornings.

While I was there, I thought I would drive, but I quickly realized that was a pretty laughable idea. With all of the tiny cars zipping around roundabouts on the reverse side of the road and the steering wheels on the right, there was going to be no driving for me. As far as getting around London, the Tube gets you around pretty good. I noticed that the the Tube riders seemed very civilized compared to subways/metros I have rode in other cities.

I was also very impressed with the many great bridges that crossed the River Thames. They were all cool in their own distinct way. Ironically though, the one bridge that was pretty ugly and bland was the new version of London Bridge.

It rained a lot, as it typically does in London, but I managed to get a lot of good pictures by capitalizing on the few clear moments.
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