Lord of the Rings / Star Wars

Last night I saw Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers and the verdict is…it’s definitely not as good as Fellowship of The Ring. There were some parts that dragged on a bit and at times there was just too much going on, although I’m sure repeat viewings will change what I think. It still was a very good movie, with humongous epic battle scenes and more journeys across Middle Earth with the amazing mountains of New Zealand as the backdrop. The special effects and cinematography were once again awesome, especially Gollum, the closeups on the possessed King of Rohan’s face, and when Pippin and Merry first encounter the living tree.

On a related note, someone has started a petition to have Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson replace George Lucas as writer and director of Star Wars Episode III. Sounds like a great idea to me because while LOTR kicks butt on many levels, it’s obvious George Lucas can’t write a good script anymore, even though he thinks he still can. The stories and characters in Episodes I and II are pretty weak compared to the originals and I question whether Episode I was even necessary. Maybe it’s not too late to save Episode III.

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