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I’ve put up the last of the pictures from my trip to England and Paris last month. From London we did some side trips to Dover and Liverpool. On the Dover day we stopped at Leeds Castle, Dover, Deal and went to the English Channel. The best part of the day was seeing the magnificent White Cliffs of Dover and running around the tops of them. Going into Leeds Castle was another highlight. The castle makes the claim of being “the loveliest castle in the world.”

Liverpool seemed pretty much good for great soccer and the Beatles and other than that it was a bit drab. Then again in all fairness I had been in London and Paris earlier in this trip and there aren’t too many cities in the world that can hold up to comparisons with them. We saw the Liverpool Football Club, one of the best teams in the English Premiership League play Sunderland. I’ve only seen Major League Soccer in the US, so it was impressive to see soccer skills at a much higher level. The train ride from London to Liverpool was fun because we were able to buy and drink beer on the train, something I’m not used too.

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