Live From The Nation’s Capitol

For anyone who is wondering how my trip is going, I am in Washington, DC where I’ve spent the day. From here I’ll continue on my journey to Florida. I’ve been lucky to have an absolute perfect weather day for my one day roaming around the capitol. It is great to be back here in DC because I haven’t been here since a 5th grade school trip and the memories had pretty much faded.

As usual I have my digital camera with me and I am getting some great shots. One of best pictures I took was near the Washington Monument. Earlier in the day I heard a loud, rumbling and looked up to see Marine One ( Dubya’s helicopter) right above me. I wanted to take a pic but I couldn’t do it fast enough. Later in the day I heard the loud, rumbling again and this time I was ready. I got a sweet shot of the helicopter right as it flew by the Washington Monument. I’ll be posting it when I have a chance.

I left NYC very early this morning and things have gone smoothly so far. The only bad thing was I learned in Delaware they are a bit toll happy. At one point there were 3 tolls in what seemed like a 5 minute span! On the bright side, the Delaware Memorial Bridge was a pretty slick looking bridge.

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