More Opera Goodness and some Microsoft Evil

Still coming across boatloads of nifty features in Opera. Another one of the really great things is Hotclicks. It lets you highlight a word and from the right click menu you can intiate a search by it, a dictionary or encyclopedia lookup or even get a language translation. This of course, is customizable. I’ve also found that as great as the built in search queries are, you can customize them too. It does take a minor hack or use of this editor.

There was one pretty dumb thing I came across. A typical Microsoft maneuver, when I go to Hotmail in Opera I get the following warning:

Web Browser Software Limitations
Your Current Software Will Limit Your Ability to Use Hotmail

You are using a web browser that Hotmail does not support. If you continue
to use your current browser software we cannot guarantee that Hotmail will
work properly for you.

Hotmail supports the following web browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer – version 4.0 or higher.

Netscape Navigator versions 4.70 and higher.
We recommend that you upgrade your web browsing software and invite you to
download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Of course Hotmail works just fine in Opera anyway. Microsoft should listen to Sergey Brin.

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