USGS Maps From Way Back When

Aug 27, 2003

Very cool site here with Historic USGS Maps of the Northeast. On this map (from part of the White Mountains of New Hampshire) you can see back in 1929 the famous Kancamagus Highway did not go past Lincoln, there were no Interstate Highways and thus no I-93 and Cannon Mountain was called Profile Mountain.

Fatalaties at Baxter State Park

Aug 22, 2003

After my recent trip to Baxter State Park in Northern Maine, I found this fatalities history there to be very interesting. Quite a variety of ways to go, with some of the more interesting ones being the shootings and the lightning strike on Pamola Peak. I would’ve thought at least a few more deaths would be related to the scintillating Knife Edge Trail.

36,000 Mile Walk

Aug 19, 2003

Ok, don’t mistake the title of this post for one of my hiking trip reports. I’ve heard of long walks, but this one takes the cake. The person on this site, Karl Bushby, a 33 year old ex-paratrooper is trying to become the first person to complete a 36,000 mile, unbroken, round the world walk. Hey I’m 33, I can do it too! Actually I’d just settle for being able to do the Appalalchian Trail. Bushby started in 1998 from near the southern tip of the South American Continent, in the Chilean town of Punta Arenas. He’s done 10,000 miles to this point and is supposed to finish in England in 2009. Hard to imagine giving up 10 years of your life but what an experience it would be.

Moose Country

Aug 8, 2003

I’m back from a 4 day trip to Mt. Katahdin in Maine and I’ll be posting some trip reports soon. For now I wanted to post this picture, because after years of being to slow on the draw with the camera, I finally bagged my moose picture. This one was easy as he was just hanging out for a while in Stump Pond in Baxter State Park .

Moose in Maine