Die Microsoft !!!

Sep 10, 2003

It is things like this that will make those of us who didn’t already jump on the Microsoft hating bandwagon, hop on board….

.NET Messenger Service Staff: You are running a version of messenger that requires an immediate security update. Please visit http://messenger.msn.com/Help/Upgrades.aspx to complete the update.

This is the message you get now when running Trillian, a program that lets you run all instant messaging programs from one interface. Sounds like a great idea, right? Microsoft doesn’t think so. They never learn. The annoying thing is, because I have several friends that use MSN/Windows Messenger, I took the bait and upgraded MSN Messenger only to discover you still get the annoying message to upgrade and you’ll continue to get it until you give up Trillian.

On a funnier note, a search for “die microsoft” gets a whopping 77,800 results on google. Make that 77,801. (ok, to be fair, “die” means “the” in German)

Happy 5th Birthday Google

Sep 7, 2003

Today is the 5th birthday of Google. Hard to believe it’s been around that long. Here is a timeline that tells a little bit of the story of how Google became the search engine that spits on all other search engines.