Volcanoes, Pubs and Castles

Edinburgh Castle

I put up some pictures from my 4 day stay in Edinburgh earlier this month. Edinburgh (pronounced edin-burra) is the capital city of Scotland. The stay was one of the highlights of some travelling around England and Scotland. The city, with it’s history, very old buildings, extinct volcanoes and castles, is very fascinating and beautiful.

I have been to several of the major cities in the UK now, and I have to say Edinburgh, is almost the perfect city over there. While London is very cool, some might find it to be a bit too busy, expensive and overwhelming. Also, there are some parts that are just a little too posh and there are a lot of places you can walk into and feel like you don’t fit in with the scene. Then on the other hand you there are cities like like Liverpool and Manchester which are the opposite extreme. Some good parts, but some dumpy parts and you start to come across their version of white trash and drunken hooligans. Edinburgh though, has just the right mix. Not too snobbish, not to trashy, a very comfortable feel, not too crazy, friendly people and TONS of great pubs. As a matter of fact one of the locals there told me it has more pubs per square mile than any other city in Europe. Another great thing about the city was there were three extinct volcanos right in the city which each gave amazing views. I made it up to the all of them- Calton Hill, Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle(pictured above).

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