Map Fun

Jan 29, 2004

I am surprised no one ever came out with something like this before. At World66 you can create a map of all the states or countries you’ve visited. Here is the map I made of states I’ve been too. I won’t count a state unless I’ve spent at least few hours there. Driving through with no stops or flying over doesn’t count. If I’ve slept over there though, I do count it. Yeah, I have a lot of ground to cover if I want to get to all 50.

New Dennis Miller Show

Jan 26, 2004

I love Dennis Miller so I didn’t miss the premiere of the new Dennis Miller show tonight on CNBC. I thought it was pretty good with one thing that could be better.

The first guest was Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of “Culley-fornia” and there was a news segment that seemed to borrow a little bit from his old Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update”. Then in the second half of the show there was a panel that discussed things like the war on terrorism and the NH Primary. The only problem with all this is Miller didn’t get to talk enough and so it failed to showcase what you really want to hear- Miller’s unmatched combination of humor, wit, common sense and sarcasm. This should be fixed quickly because Miller realized it near the end of the show.

One of Miller’s funnier quips came while talking to Governor Schwarzennegger about the California-Mexico border crossing problems. “On any given night a pair of night vision goggles reveals a spectacle resembling the start of the Boston Marathon in ponchos”

Wesley Clark for President

Jan 24, 2004

Wesley Clark for PresidentI went to the Wesley Clark rally at the Palace Theater in Manchester the other night and I was pretty impressed. He seemed to have improved since some of the earlier democratic debates. I think he’s learning how to become a politician now, which could be a good or bad thing. He really came out swinging at Bush, citing a new axis of evil:

“Two years after he coined the term, we’ve got a new `axis of evil,'” Clark said. “It’s one our president has created. It’s an axis of fiscal policies that threaten our future, foreign policies that threaten our security and domestic policies that put families dead last.”

Clark has struck me as someone who would make a great leader, as a President should be. I think in some ways we’ve been missing that with the last two Presidents. He is trying to sell that perception:

“I want to bring a higher standard of leadership to this country.

There’s a lot of anger in the Democratic Party and out across America toward George W. Bush. But I want to make it clear. I’m not running to bash George Bush. I’m running to replace him.

We’re going to replace him with a higher standard of leadership. Leadership that looks for what’s good for the country as a whole, not for special interests. Leadership that looks for what’s good for the next generation, not just the next election cycle. Leadership that’s not afraid to lay out some specific, tangible, realistic goals and expects to be held accountable for them. And leadership that will pull this country together, not divide us and polarize it. That’s the higher standard of leadership I want to bring to this country.”

If you go by the polls, I’m not sure if he really has a great chance, but right now I’m leaning towards him. I think he’d have a better chance of beating Bush than John Kerry and a much better chance of Howard (I Have A Scream) Dean.