Manchester, England Pictures

Feb 4, 2004

Manchester England photos

I finally got around to posting some more pictures from my trip to the UK back in November. This set of pictures is from the weekend I spent in Manchester, England which happens to be the namesake of the city I currently live in. The thing that made the biggest impression on me while I was there was the abundance of striking, futuristic looking buildings. They could probably nickname the city, “city of architecture.” The picture above is the top of the Imperial War Museum North. I have to say, the museum was almost more interesting to look at from the outside, than the inside. I read that the museum was voted best building in Britain for 2003 and very aptly described as “Shards of Europe explode into three areas of conflict and become a building of highly complex geometry.” The museum was designed by the same architect, Daniel Libeskind, who is redesigning the new World Trade Center.

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