Gmail Invites

Aug 30, 2004

Because Sergey Brin and I are such good buddies, I have Gmail invites up the wazoo! If you want one, drop me a line and I’ll consider it. Just keep in mind that someday – and that day may never come – I’ll may call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day comes, accept this Gmail invite as a gift from me.


Mt. Chocorua Hike

Aug 14, 2004

Mt Chocorua

I hiked Mt. Chocorua today, which is in the Southeastern part of the White Mountains and one of the more gorgeous peaks in the Whites. Below is the list of trails we used. I think this was the perfect combination for this hike because it gave us views galore, let us avoid the crowds for the most part and we also got to hike the Three Sisters (First Sister, Middle Sister and Third Sister). Total mileage was approximately 9.8. Here are the trails we used:

From the trailhead off Route 16 we took:

Piper Trail to Weetamoo Trail: .6 miles
Weetamoo Trail to Hammond Trail: 1.9 miles
Hammond Trail to Liberty Trail: .9 miles
Liberty Trail to Brook Trail: 1.0
Piper Trail/Brook Trail to Mt. Chocorua summit: .2 miles

Leaving the summit we took:

Piper Trail/Brook Trail to Champney Falls Trail: .6 miles
Champney Falls Trail to Middle Sister Trail: .1 miles
Middle Sister Trail to Carter Ledge Trail: .8 miles
Carter Ledge Trail to Nickerson Ledge Trail: 1.7 miles
Nickerson Ledge Trail to Piper Trail: .8 miles
Piper Trail to trailhead: 1.2 miles

Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway

Aug 9, 2004

I started hiking the Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway(SRK) yesterday. The SRK is a 75 mile trail loop that connects 3 mountains and passes through 9 towns in central New Hampshire. The first section I did was 7 miles starting in Newbury going over Mt. Sunapee and then finishing in Sunapee. Below is the view of Lake Sunapee from Mt. Sunapee.

Photo of Lake Sunapee from Mt. Sunapee

CSS Hack for Opera 7

Aug 8, 2004

Opera likes to take the lead on W3C initiatives, which is a good thing, but sometimes you can run into a problem with CSS in Opera. Certain styles will show up in Opera differently than they do in any of the latest verions of Mozilla and IE, because none of the other browsers stick to the W3C spec as hard as Opera. If you aren’t concerned with Opera when browser testing than don’t read any further. If you do check Opera and you want make a style that only Opera 7 can see, you can use CSS3 Media Queries to do a hack. Basically all you have to do is add “@media” around any attribute and only Opera 7 can see it. Here is an example:

@media all
    margin-top: 0;

This let me fix the extra padding that only Opera tends to add sometimes. This might not work for long if the other browsers adopt more CSS3, but it’s a nice fix for now.


Aug 5, 2004

For a project I am working on I am using a software made by a Russian company. I wanted to say thanks to them in Russian and in doing some researching I came across ways to say thanks/thank you in many different languages.

Russian: CПАСИБО
Italian: Grazie
French: Merci
Spanish: Gracias
Portuguese: Obrigado
Japanese: Arigato
Korean: Komapsumnida
Greek: Efgaristo
German: Danke
Dutch: Dank U

Some of these are just the way they sound in English, but are actually written with different characters.