Passaconaway’s Backdoor

Last weekend, in my continuing quest to hike all of the White Mountain 4000 footers, I hiked Mt.Passaconaway. The trail is mostly in the woods so there weren’t many views. Once you get to the summit it’s completely wooded and there are no views. When I was there though someone tipped me off that there is a trail going off the back of the mountain, that doesn’t go anywhere, but leads to a small lookout with a killer view. It was a good tip. When I found it, there was a little perch that seemed to have a view of the entire White Mountains. Click on the image below to see a picture I stitched together.

You’ll have to do a little horizontal scrolling – unless you’ve got one of those super wide Apple monitors.

On another note it was also “Flags on the 48” day, which is done every year in honor of 9-11. There have put up some great galleries of this year’s hikes and past years.

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