Berlin Pictures

Jan 22, 2005

brandenburg gate

I put up the first half of pictures from my trip to Germany. This batch is just from Berlin. Berlin is a great city, but I didn’t really have enough time there to do it justice (less than 2 days). I was able to get to many of the great historical sites though, which are mainly what this groups of pictures are of.

One side note on Berlin. Friendliest people anywhere I have ever been…period. I am not sure what it is, perhaps just all that they have been through in the past or maybe they just love the tourist dollars but the friendliness easily exceeded any city I have ever been to.

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Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Jan 12, 2005

I’m back from Germany now. Almost got the brain working again, just need to stop waking up at 4 in the morning. Click on the image below to see a wideshot of the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof rail station, which I made from 4 pictures I stitched together. We were stuck at this train station for a few hours due to a wind storm that delayed our train back to Berlin. More pictures coming soon.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Beer and Bratwurst

Jan 6, 2005

We just arrived back in Cologne after a day trip to Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf was a very impressive city and the food and drink was excellent almost anywhere we went which led to the consumption of way too much bratwurst and beer. I had lunch three times, now it’s time for dinner! If the sausages were made this good back in the US I’d probably be a lot heavier person.

Here in Berlin

Jan 3, 2005

For anyone who may be wondering I have arrived in Berlin after a smooth trip. I am in the easyInternetCafe on the Ku’damm right now. Having a good first day although I’m dead tired and it has been mostly rainy. I did manage to get some awesome pics of the Brandenburg Gate as it was getting dark.