Tables Free Zone

Feb 21, 2005

This site is now a tables-free zone. Ok, well almost. I finally converted the site an all CSS layout, except for a few spots where it wasn’t worth the trouble (thanks Internet Explorer). Most importantly though, the main grid for the site is now formed by CSS instead of tables and as a result will be much more flexible and easy to change. If anything does look weird in IE feel free to let me know and also consider getting a real browser.

Photos From Germany

Feb 9, 2005

photos of Germany

I put up the rest of my pictures from my trip to Germany last month. After leaving Berlin the trip included stops in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bremen and Hamburg. The picture above is from an excellent brewpub we went to in Dusseldorf. It is kind of symbolic of the trip where we encountered a inordinate amount of friendly people and drank a lot of good German beer.

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