Links: 12-19-05

Dec 19, 2005

  • Pick Only The Cable Channels You Want
    Wow, I have been waiting for this for years. It has never made sense to me that we should all be forced to subsidize 50 channels or more that we never watch. I’d probably take 5-10 channels and be golden. Let’s see….History Channel, Discovery, ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, CNN Headline News, Comedy Central, Weather, PBS, local channels, maybe a few others I can’t think of right now and I’m all set.
  • Passports To Be Required For Travel To Canada and Mexico
    Passports are going to be required starting in 2008 for that quick ride up to Montreal.
  • Defining CSS constants using PHP
    Handy idea for making management of multiple style sheets easier.
  • Google: Ten Golden Rules
    Every company should read this. It’s amazing how Google is a trendsetter in so many different ways.

Chocorua Lake

Dec 3, 2005

Chocorua Lake Photo

A recent wideshot I took of a fisherman standing in Chocorua Lake in Tamworth,NH near the end of a gorgeous day. I don’t know what it is about this lake, but it always seems to provide some amazing reflections. I guess it helps that Mt. Chocorua(3,475’/1059m) hovers over it. Click on the image above for the larger view.