Corporate Greed Wants To Create “The Internets”

I think now I know what George Bush was talking about when he referred to “the internets” in a speech once. Over the last couple of days there have many articles regarding the attempt by US broadband providers (some of Bush’s corporate buddies) to create a two-tiered internet. To quote Popular Science magazine, there would be “a fast lane for Web sites able to afford it and a slow lane for everyone else.”

Some of the articles that discuss this:
Coming Soon: The Web Toll
Berners-Lee calls for neutral internet

If you get why the internet works, what the broadband companies are trying to do is a travesty. It works because it empowers the little guy equally as much the big guy. It’s like their saying, “let’s create 2 internets, one high-end internet and one ghetto internet. Even Tim Berners-Lee agrees:

“The computer scientist credited with inventing the World Wide Web has strongly condemned moves by US broadband providers to control their subscribers’ content, saying it threatens the internet’s greatest strength: openness.”

I guess every once in a while ill-conceived ideas like this have to come along. I am assuming it won’t go anywhere, just like other hair brained schemes of the past from out of touch corporations. The companies that are lobbying Congress for the right to have a two-tiered internet are pretty powerful though. Here are some of them: Verizon, Bell South, AT&T and Time Warner.

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