Jun 29, 2006

Google CheckoutThe PayPal killer is here. Google’s payment service has arrived in the form of Google Checkout. I had previously heard it called Google Wallet, GPay and GBuy. It will be nice to have a legitimate alternative to Paypal. Not that I personally have had any major problems with them, but there have been times when I used Paypal just because there was no other option. Hopefully this will have a ripple effect and help shape up the overall online payment arena. Google should bring some integrity to a segment of the web that I have long felt was relly lacking.

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Jun 24, 2006

Currier Museum Closing

Jun 20, 2006

La Cama at The Currier

Pictured above is La Cama (The Bed) from the Voces y Visiones exhibit at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH. The exhibit is there just a little longer, until June 26th. It features Hispanic works from El Museo del Barrio in New York City. The bed surprised me because a bed is not something you come across all the time at a museum.

On another note, the Currier is closing for up to 18 months for major rennovations at the end of June. Quite a bummer because the museum is one of the jewels of Manchester. When it reopens, it should be something special. There are sketches of the expansion plans at the museum that look gorgeous. While the museum is closed some of the collections will be at the Portland Museum of Art and the Hood Museum.

For this last week admission to the Currier is free. Get there while you can!