Movable Type to WordPress

Oct 31, 2006

After using Movable Type for the past 4 years, I switched the blog part of this site to WordPress. I’ve been wanting to change it for a while, but I haven’t had the time. It’s not that Movable Type is bad, but I’ve set up WordPress for a few other sites and I have found it to be really flexible and easier to customize. I also like that it’s open source, has nice options for URL rewriting (good for SEO) and is PHP based, where MT was Perl. If anyone notices any problems or bad links, drop me a line.

Lincoln Trail on Mt. Kearsarge

Oct 24, 2006

Fall Foliage on Mt. Kearsarge

One of my favorite trails in Southern NH is the Lincoln Trail on Mt. Kearsarge. I think some might consider it to be long and boring, but I find it has a lot to offer in subtle ways. It’s not as nearly as rocky as some of the trails in the White Mountains so it’s good for a casual stroll though the woods or a trail run. You also pass through a nice variety of different forests and if you go all the way to the top you have a great wide open summit with 360 degree views. The trail never seems to be used that much so peace and solitude is almost always assured. This is probably because there are a couple of other much easier routes to the summit and for a similar effort most people would go for the big kahunas up in the Whites. During the last 2 hikes I did on it I took some pics while everything had some good fall color.

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Links: 10-8-06

Oct 8, 2006

  • Mexico’s remote Isla Holbox
    I love the way this sounds – I think I found my next vacation…”In Mexico’s remote Isla Holbox, hours are measured by shadows shifting across agave leaves. Minutes have no meaning. You don’t know what time it is, what day it is. This place is a psychiatrist. It takes away worry or stress.”
  • Do Newspapers Have a Future?
    “Newspapers on paper are on the way out” this article says. I’m not so sure. While I do think newspapers have to adapt to the new world order for information, it’s hard to spend hours comfortably reading a screen the way you can with a newspaper. And although content is free on the web it is can be cluttered while newspapers collect and organize information and present it to readers in a way that is easier to swallow.
  • NH Congressional Candidate Carol Shea Porter on You Tube
    Shea Porter may be a long shot, but good move putting something on YouTube.
  • Beware of Pirates
    This is why I probably won’t be going any bigger than 600 pixels wide in my photo gallery photos.