An Observation, Not an Endorsement

Ron Paul for President sign

I am posting this picture I took in Holderness, NH just as an observation, not as an endorsement. So far in the early days of primary season here, one of the most unexpected developments has been the amount of support for Ron Paul. Before this year I had never heard of Ron Paul. Lately though I have been noticing a suprising proliferation of Ron Paul for President signs around New Hampshire. It probably won’t mean anything since the Republican base won’t get behind him and he is just too much of an underdog, but hopefully it at the very least sends a message. I do respect some of of the things he has had to say:

“I believe that when we overdo our military aggressiveness, it actually weakens our national defense.”

“The obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.”

“Cliches about supporting the troops are designed to distract from failed policies, policies promoted by powerful special interests that benefit from war, anything to steer the discussion away from the real reasons the war in Iraq will not end anytime soon.”

Paul has also said quite a few things I disagree with but so far one of the best things about this primary season has been candidates like him and Mike Gravel who have the chutzpah to state many of the inconvenient truths the other candidates are afraid to mention. For now though, like many others voters are, I still have to do a lot more listening to all of the candidates.

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