Mount Desert Island

Dec 12, 2007

Mount Desert Island photos

I put up some pictures from a recent trip to Mount Desert Island in Maine, a.k.a. home of Acadia National Park. This was my first time there and while I had heard some nice things, it was actually much more than I imagined. I had no idea we had something of that magnitude here in New England. The island is filled with mountains with ocean views, carriage roads, stone bridges, lakes and has the only fjord on the east coast of the United States. Some of the more fun things we did while there was taking the South Ridge Trail up Cadillac Mountain and exploring Otter Cliffs.

The Cadillac hike was one of the nicest hikes I have ever done. Even though the mountain is only 1,530′, the South Ridge Trail which is 3.7 miles to the top has about half of the distance on an open ridge with spectacular views around the island and into the Atlantic Ocean. It also helped that it was sunny and not too cold. Cadillac Mountain is famous for being the first location in the United States where a sunrise can be seen. We didn’t see a sunrise, although we did get to see a striking sunset that slowly progressesed and took on different appearances as we descended the South Ridge Trail. We also had the very good fortune of seeing a rabbit scampering around on the summit. It’s usually pretty rare to see any animals on a summit, let alone on the highest point on the U.S. Atlantic coast.

I almost didn’t go to Otter Cliffs and damn would I have been missing something. With lots of different types of rock formations and cliffs hanging high above the ocean, Otter Cliffs were more like things I have seen along the West Coast than the East Coast. There were also plenty of deer roaming around very casually and because we went on a Monday in late November, it was pretty much just us and them.

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