Links: 4-20-08

Apr 20, 2008

    Don’t know how I’ve managed to miss this site until now, but I’ve been waiting for something like it for a while. Bikely allows people to share information about bike routes, partly by drawing on a Google Map. I am always trying to find safe new routes, especially in New Hampshire where most of the state is sadly devoid of any “Share The Road” signs. I also have friends who say they would bike to work, but there is no safe route. This should help myself and others.
  • Currier Museum of Art reopens
    After being closed for almost 2 years for expansion, one of the highlights of Manchester,NH is back.
  • Possible Dreamweaver alternative
    I’ve gave Aptana Studio free version a quick tryout and it seems to have a lot of useful features. It looks promising as it is very similar to Dreamweaver, only $399.00 cheaper.
  • I fell in love with a female assassin
    This story about a photojournalist in Columbia seems like it could make a great book. “There comes a point in every new relationship when your girlfriend wants to share a secret. Usually it’s to do with sex – how many other partners she’s had (with a few conveniently erased) – that sort of thing. Often, the secret changes the basis of the relationship; honesty comes with consequences. But what happens if your new girlfriend has a much darker and more sinister secret than having slept around a bit?”