Citi Field Photos

Shake Shack at Citi Field

I posted some pics from my recent visit to Citi Field, the NY Mets new ballpark. The new park is impressive, although many of the new parks including Citi Field are starting to look a lot like each other. Some of the more prominent features of Citi Field include the exterior facade which was modelled after Brooklyn’s old Ebbets Field, the retro Pepsi Cola sign which is reminiscent of the one in Long Island City and Pepsi Porch, the large walkable area in the outfield. The Porch reminded me of the outfield at Safeco Field in Seattle.

Citi Field has a 42,000 seats which is 15,000 fewer seats than Shea Stadium. I think this is a good move as almost every seat provides a good view and the Mets often wouldn’t fill up the bigger stadium anyway. Citi Field also has greatly improved food offerings, including a Shake Shack. I think the line there is going to be worse than the original at Madison Square Park if that’s possible.

It was weird to be in the area where Citi Field is and be in a different ballpark, because I’ve been going to Shea Stadium since I was a little kid. I’ll miss Shea mostly for sentimental reasons, but it is about time the Mets got a modern stadium.

Citi Field pictures

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