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So I recently started using an Android phone, the Motorola Droid. The Android Market only has a fraction of the apps in the iPhone App Store, but there is an app for most of the key things you would want to do. There should be a ton more on the way with the Droid nearing one million units sold and the amount of Android phones growing quickly. Here is a list of some of the best and most useful apps I have downloaded so far. Oh and they are all free!


Yes the free music identification app is available for Android phones too!

My Tracks
Awesome free app that let’s you record GPS and get lots of statistics like distance, time, elevation, speed and more. Lifehacker described it perfectly: My Tracks for Android is a Fitness Geek’s Dream.

Swift / Twidroid
Both are free Twitter apps but I’m currently kind of deadlocked on which one is the best. Swift easily has the better UI but Twidroid is a little more ahead on features.

USA Today
Probably the best news app currently available for Android. Unfortunately there is no New York Times app yet.

Google Voice
Besides getting Verizon coverage instead of AT&T, another HUGE advantage of going Droid instead of iPhone, you can use the Google Voice app. Like any other Google product, the integration with Android is very nice.

The Weather Channel
Not perfect, but the best weather app I have tried so far. Android could use some kind of basic, built-in weather app like you get on the iPhone.

Google Sky Map
A very nifty app that let’s you point your phone to the night sky and shows you what stars you are looking at.

AP Mobile
Another news app and one of the most polished apps for Android.

Talk to Me
A nice real time language translator. Good for helping you learn a langauge or getting by when traveling.

Allows you to scan bar codes to find the best prices. Handy if you’re standing in Best Buy. Their regular website is pretty cool too.

You can do a LOT with this, but I tend to prefer my apps like I like meals. I’d rather have one good high quality meal than gorge myself with average food at a buffet. Where is like a buffet. It’s not a bad app at all, but I’d rather use individual apps that are designed precisely for a certain task. For now though while there aren’t that many Android apps, it can be somewhat useful.

Really simple image editor and the only app I have used so far that actually does use multitouch in Android 2.0.

Google Finance
A solid app for monitoring stocks and finance and it’s made by Google so you know it has to be decent.

Key Ring
I refuse to carry a bunch of special cards in order to get the best price from a store. I already have enough crap to carry around. I won’t shop at Shaw’s supermarket because of this. Using Key Ring makes it a slightly more acceptable as it lets you copy the bar codes and/or keys from the cards.

It’s nothing mind blowing, but it’s the best Wikipedia app I could find.

It will be interesting to see how puny this list looks a year from now. My basic wishlist for future apps includes New York Times, Instapaper, a ready for prime-time sports app app like Sportacular, a Kindle app or other e-book Reader and better apps for food/restaurants. There is a Facebook app that is pretty terrible and it would be nice if Facebook got their act together and did some Android representin’. Also games are a hugely weak area for Android when compared to the gold standard, the iPhone.

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