Apr 18, 2011

“One of the themes of The Wire really was that statistics will always lie. Statistics can be made to say anything. You show me anything that depicts institutional progress in America: school test scores, crime stats, arrest reports, anything that a politician can run on, anything that somebody can get a promotion on, and as soon as you invent that statistical category, fifty people in that institution will be at work trying to figure out a way to make it look as if progress is actually occurring when actually no progress is.”
David Simon, creator of The Wire on statistics in America

Amazon Cloud Drive

Apr 7, 2011

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive along with Amazon Cloud Player is a really nice service but it’s not completely ready for prime time. It has “Drive” in it’s name but there’s no good way to access it as if it were any type of physical or virtual drive and there are very limited options for downloading more than 1 file at a time. I’ve tried the client software “Amazon MP3 Downloader” and “Amazon MP3 Uploader” as well as the web tools. The best I could do for downloading more than one file at a time was a non-intuitive combination of Amazon Cloud Player on the web combined with the Amazon MP3 Downloader software. I don’t necessarily need Cloud Drive to sync on every PC/device the way Dropbox does but it really could use a simple way to manually upload/download folders or at least FTP access. Overall I can’t complain though because for a first iteration it does a lot of great things and 20GB space for a year only cost me the price of one MP3 album. It also converted the Amazon MP3 app on my Nexus One from a useless app I couldn’t remove to one that can now stream my music collection anywhere.